Good Standing Policy

Good Standing Policy


At Settlers Primary, the Good Standing Policy supports our values of Excellence, Success, Citizenship and Security by acknowledging and rewarding exemplary behaviour, work ethic, attendance and standards of uniform.  We believe learning is enhanced in a welcoming, inclusive, collaborative and caring environment. The Good Standing Policy emphasises the importance of students taking responsibility for the choices they make on a daily basis, which impacts academically and socially on themselves and others. The Good Standing policy is a part of and works in conjunction with the whole school Behaviour Management Plan and aims to provide regular acknowledgement / recognition for the majority of students who consistently behave and act according to Settlers policies.

To Maintain ‘Good Standing’ students must:

  • Comply with Settlers Primary School’s ‘Code of Behaviour”.
  • Comply with The Settlers Way
  • Follow Settlers Behaviour Management Plan and classroom policy and procedures.
  • Follow the Attendance Policy
  • Follow the  Dress Policy


  • ‘Good Standing’ is a status all Settlers Primary School students are granted at the start of each five week block.
  • It is the responsibility of each student to maintain their ‘Good Standing’ .
  • Students with ‘Good Standing’ are eligible to participate in Five Weekly rewards days.
  • Students who lose their ‘Good Standing’ may lose the privilege to participate in various events throughout the school year. Examples: - excursions, camps, interschool sporting events, sports days and Year 6 dinner dance,
  • Students may lose the privilege to participate in activities where the safety of other students is a concern.


A student’s ‘Good Standing’ status will be withdrawn following consultation with the Administration and the classroom teacher for the following reasons:

Students may lose their ‘Good Standing’ as a consequence of

  • Three classroom withdrawals to buddy class. This must be entered on SIS by the classroom teacher and parents informed.
  • Three detentions for classroom referrals to Administration.  This must be entered on SIS by Administration and parents informed.
  • Three detentions for playground referrals  which have been entered on SIS by Administration.
  • Suspension.
  • If a Student councillor or faction captain loses their ‘Good Standing’, they will lose their badge and their right to represent the school for a five week period.

Parents and Guardians of students ‘at risk’ of losing their Good Standing will be contacted by Teachers or Administration. This will be through a phone call and then on loss of Good Standing formally via a phone call or letter.


  • Unauthorised  and / or attendance below 90% in any five week period. This means any unexplained absences or vacations that have not been authorised by the Administration. Medical evidence will be taken into consideration for absences below 90%.

Dress Code

  • The correct school uniform is worn less than 90% in the five week period. This will be recorded by the classroom teacher.
  • Wearing of jewellery and do not have a note from parent if culturally significant.

Severe Clause

  • Students may lose the privilege to participate in activities where the safety of other students is a concern.
  • Students who are involved in a ‘one off’  severe behaviour incident in the classroom or playground will automatically lose their ‘Good Standing’.
  • Students who lose their Good Standing three times in a year ( total of 1 ½ terms)  may jeopardise their participation in the sporting carnivals, camps, excursions, Dinner Dance etc.

Regaining ‘Good Standing’:

All students will regain ‘Good Standing’ at the beginning of each 5 week period.


The Good Standing Policy is provided to maintain consistency in our decision making processes. It is important to note that these are guidelines and if :-

  1. there are extenuating  circumstances that have resulted in the negative behaviours
  2. a student has specials needs

and / or

  1. there is a significant period of positive behaviour since the previous negative behaviour

then, these factors will be taken into account and any decision to withdraw or maintain Good Standing will be at the discretion of the Principal.