P & C

Settlers Primary School P&C Association is an officially recognised forum where interested parents and citizens can meet with school representatives to discuss educational issues.

"The objectives of (the) association are to promote the interests of the school or group of schools for which it is formed through:

  • cooperation between parents, teachers, students and members of the general community;

  • assisting in the provision of resources, facilities and amenities for the school or schools; and

  • the fostering of community interest in educational matters."

School Education Act 1999, part 3, division 8, subdivision 2, section 143 (1)


P&C's give parents an opportunity to learn about the school's policies and programs:

  • organising ways in which parents can share in shaping and developing school policies;

  • bringing parents together to share information and views;

  • assist the school in building positive attitudes to students and their families;

  • help raise funds to provide extra resources.

The Effective P&C Association, (2006) WACSSO

More information can be found at: www.wacsso.wa.edu.au