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Settlers Primary School Community Reading Circle


Last week, Settlers Primary School celebrated Literacy Week. The whole school participated in exciting literacy based activities throughout the week. On Friday the 3rd of September the student population of 920 students, including 72 teachers and administration staff and a large group of parents and community members descended onto the oval with their books for the Grand Finale event: The Settlers Primary Community Reading Circle.

The circle filled the oval from one end to the other and not a sound could be heard as each person, of the approximate 1000 attendees, read their favourite book silently for fifteen minutes. A parent who attended commented, “It was magical to see so many children and adults discovering the joy, not only of reading but reading together…” Another mentioned, “I didn’t think that many people from such a young would all be able to read that quietly and for so long! It gave me shivers…”

After the reading was over some attendees were interviewed about what they were reading and why they chose that book to read. The event was a huge success and the coordinator Mrs Sarah McCormick said, “It felt fantastic to see so many people from our community enjoying reading together.”


Other quotes from students on the day:


Student: Hana Notton, 9 years old: “It was fun because I love reading…”


Student: Jack Milward, 8 years old: “It was a good reading challenge for everyone to read quietly togther. It was so quite, lovely and sunny.”


Student: Halle Mansell, 7 years old: “It was a good day and it was so much fun. There were so many people there. Even Mr Fasolo, our principal, read a book!”


Deputy Principal: Sharon Oldfield: “Wow! So may people and so many books! A beautiful way to celebrate reading in our community.”


Principal Joe Fasolo: “It was great to see a community event promoting reading so well.”