The Settlers' Way

The Settlers’ Way



At Settlers Primary School we strive for Excellence, work for Success, are Active Citizens and help each other feel Secure.

In the classroom I will demonstrate Excellence and Success by:

  • Respecting others and their learning
  • Being punctual.
  • Being prepared (having equipment ready).
  • Taking pride in my work (ruling up, handwriting).

To be Successful and achieve Excellence I will follow HEY:-

                       Heads Up

                       Eyes Forward

                       You are in control        


 In the classroom I will demonstrate Citizenship and Security by:

  • Using the ‘Power of One’
  • Acknowledging people by name and encouraging everyone’s contributions
  • Cooperating with and accepting others’ viewpoints.
  • Showing patience and understanding for others.
  • Helping people in need.


Around our school I will demonstrate Excellence, Success, Active Citizenship and Security by:

  • Greeting everyone respectfully using eye contact
  • Walking on paved areas.
  • Placing my rubbish in the bin and picking up rubbish when I see it.
  • Respecting playground and sporting equipment.
  • Being fair when sharing play areas.

When lining up and moving around our school I will follow SHARP:

      Straight ahead

      Hands to my side

      Attention to the front

      Respecting others

      Personal Space